Meet the Band


Pine Wilson

Band Leader, Accordion, tupan, doumbek

Pine’s love of Balkan music grew out of her 20-year experience with Eastern European folk dance. The soulful melodies and quirky asymmetric rhythms of the dance tunes inspired her to move from the horizontal keyboard of her piano background to the vertical keys, buttons, and bellows of the ethnic squeezebox. A musical sojourn in Bulgaria and Greece, and studies with an Albanian accordionist planted her firmly in the soil of Balkan traditional music where she has sprouted with a bouquet of colorful and dedicated players.

Ann Streufert

Violin, viola, flute, percussion

Ann Streufert first began playing the violin in 4th grade so she could go to the annual “Strings Roller Skating Party.” After studying classically until midway through college, she became an orchestra dropout when folk tunes caught her ear. Ann has been a member of the American Swedish Institute Spelmanslag of Minneapolis, MN, a strolling minstrel for the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN, a player of Scandinavian double fiddle tunes, and a member of the wannabee band “Wishing for Banjos.” A speech-language pathologist so she can keep eating, she can also teach you how to say, “I want more pie” with perfect articulation.

Hannah Breckbill

Double Bass

Hannah Breckbill picked up jazz bass in the eighth grade, because jazz band was way cooler than orchestra where she had been playing violin, and has been with it ever since. While her bass playing background is firmly rooted in jazz, she has played with a variety of groups, ranging from country cover bands to tango orchestras to Maritza. Hannah grows vegetables with Humble Hands Harvest when she’s not playing music!


Sally Reimer

image1The Reimer Family Band gave Sally a running head start in music. She began playing with her family at the young age of six. Her first instruments were strings and keys, the ukulele and piano. She later moved onto percussion primarily, picking up the drums as a preteen and playing with her brothers in Reimer Revolution, a classy blend of rock and folk. Twenty-five years of dancing with the International Folk Dance, and playing music with them for the last four, she’s definitely swung across the expanse of musical genres. She attributes her skill to the wide variety of music she’s enjoyed throughout the years. During her off time as a musician, Sally and her sister own and operate Renaissance Breads & Pastries, an organic, artisan bakery that prides itself in wholesome ingredients such as organic flours and grains.